Anxiously Awaiting


The clock clicked later

Anxiously awaiting her arrival

Chimed and chimed again

I gaze upon the closed door

In my sight I see her not

I feel my body become weak

My breathing greatly uneasy

My heart beats rapidly

My love is she, my life she is

My beautiful, sweet angel

I’m weary and miserable

The night grows longer and darker

I cannot fathom why she does not come

I fear her love I have lost

I pray that it is not so

I see illusions of her in rings of smoke

Now she’s dancing in rings of fire

My body feels as if it is shutting down

My strength is steadily decreasing

I feel as if I’m dying inside of myself

My soul slowly withering away

To the dimension of broken hearts

I look to the door still full of hope

But I know she will never come


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