Will I live, will I die,

With this pain inside?

Blurry vision from my teary eyes

I can’t laugh – only cry

I love her, she denies me

I don’t have her, I don’t have a father

I don’t have a friend, I don’t have anything

Misery flows through my blood

Pain is all I feel;

I don’t know who I am anymore

What have I become?

Waiting in this lonely world for death

My brain, my soul is rotting away

From all this pain, depression, loneliness

No more am I – no more Stag;

I can feel myself falling

Into the deep mystery of my unconsciousness

I am slowly fading away and no one cares;

I hear a clock ticking in my head

Echoing louder and louder,

I’m caught in a black-hole whirlpool

Spinning endlessly,

No other existence but me and this blackened hole

No space, no universe;

I’ve become a helplessly lost soul

No more am I, no more am I

No more Stag, no more Stag


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