Road to Death



Snaky skin on my back

Consistent is the heat of the sun

Burning inside out

Walking down a scorching,

Forgotten Road

Sweat rolling down my scaly skin

Visions rise before my steamy eyes

Oasis, rain, and a clear blue stream

But, I know it is only a dream

Riding down life’s highway

As death’s seemingly only passenger

Indians dancing, butterflies overhead

Eagles’ wings spread gracefully

Whether spirit, body, or illusion

I am mystified, entranced to follow

Sounds of a violin gently being played

Like a choir of angels calling me

Echoing in my hollow mind

Breathing seems to be getting harder

My lungs feel like their flaming

But, I must push myself to go on

Soon, I find myself at the end of the road

My feet at the edge of a cliff

I hear voices of every creature around

Urging me to go on

I raise my head, take a breath

Take a step forward, and fall to my death

How sweet it is that the pain is over


One thought on “Road to Death

  1. I love! Yes, love this poem. I personally felt like a fly on the wall so-to-speak. Probably more like a vulture or hawk in the air noticing someone curiously, while going about my flying. All along this person is going through all of this, waiting and hastening sweet death.


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