Wish to Love


I haven’t felt anything

Since you left me so long ago

I haven’t loved anyone

Since you’ve been gone,

I can’t see the sun anymore

I can only see the rain storm;

The nights are cold and lonely

The stars don’t seem to shine

My fantasy’s beginning to fade

I lose count of all the days;

I can’t wish or dream at all,

All I can do is watch the tears that fall,

Desire and temptation take their toll

But, sorrow and misery are all I see

Deep emotions clog my brain,

I’m burning but, I feel no pain;

My fire has lost it’s flame,

I know things will never be the same;

Love and passion lost in the wind

When I only wish, for you to love me again


2 thoughts on “Wish to Love

  1. If I said I enjoyed reading that one, I would be a liar. I did enjoy the form and the emotion, but I’ve felt the same way this poem describes and that’s the part that I didn’t enjoy. Overall, the poem is very nice though, and I think I understood exactly the emotion er um non-emotion that was going into it. 🙂


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