The Last Good-Bye


Have you ever seen an angel cry?

Have you ever watched your mother die?

Do you ever feel like you’ve been poisoned?

Do you ever feel like you’re a ghost,

Watching people who don’t seem to see you,

People who don’t care if you live or die;

How you feel, so alone, so distant;

The world turns grayer and the wind colder,

You feel something gripping your heart,

Each time you breathe, your breath stares at you,

The angels sigh on this dark day,

For your mother you held, slipped away;

Yes, you’ve seen an angel cry,

Yes, you’ve watched your mother die,

You ask God to take care of her,

And wonder who will take care of you,

You walk with a blank stare to nowhere,

Carrying your mother’s locket,

With her picture and yours close to your heart,

Remembering her laughter, her cries,

‘Tears have dried,

Like the fire in your heart has burned out,

Sadly, you must bid farewell,

As painful as it is, you say,

“Farewell Mother, until we meet again;

By my death. . .”


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