A house of memories


There stands a tree

In front of a brick house,

Winter is in the air

Memories fall like leaves,

I shed a happy tear,

There is a mountain of history here;

A dog barking at the door

A cat purring at my feet,

Grandma cooking over a stove,

Cakes and pies on a table

Ham and turkey, the main dish

The great feast brings family together;

A magnificent tree

Filled with bright, beautiful colors

Underneath lies gifts

With wondrous wrappings of design;

Children running and playing games;

Stockings hung for Santa to fill,

Waiting in front of a fireplace for Santa;

Season greetings and jolly times;

A snowflake falls upon my nose

With it, the end comes to my blissful memories;

A cold breeze blows,

I then walk on by; the house I once knew


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