Imperfect, perfect world


I wasn’t born in your perfect world

No sunshine or laughter

Only darkness, sadness

No cool rain or light breeze

Always stormy skies, hurricanes

Day, night, awake, asleep;

Why did you drag me away

From your fortress of beauty, greatness

From your perfect world,

Leave me to peer from

The outside looking in,

Standing alone in the cold, dark rain

Staring at the happiness, the sunshine, joy

That is far beyond my reach;

Standing in this hell,

Looking at the unbreakable shell

To which I have not the might to pierce;

We are worlds apart,

One bright, one dark

Opposite lives, reality

One of despair, one of fantasy;

We are both of human flesh

We do both breathe

We both have a heart

Our bodies do both bleed;


You will always be in your own world

While I will always be on the outside looking in


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