Malign Vacuity


Dreams I dream I call my own

Are the dreams I dream alone

Faces, Faces how they haunt me

Mirror, mirror can you hide me

Never, never can I dream alone

Farther, farther from my home;

Flashes of faces I see before me

Traces and traces of death behind me,

Run, run I can not do

Nightmare, I’m trapped inside of you

Happiness is an illusion here

Madness I’ve learned to fear;

Insanity is just make-believe

While pain and sadness are reality;

I can’t live this dream anymore

I can’t escape this hell without doors;

Every demon in hell is chasing me,

I thought I was filled with purity;

Out of the darkness I find a glowing light

There sets a chalice snow-white

I know it’s filled with poison so vile;

I take a gulping drink with a smile

Thinking the poisonous blood would,

End this horrid nightmare

Instead my strength increases far more

Than any stag or mare;

Trapped, I’m trapped with no escape

Searching, seeking to to find the gate;

Captured, I’ve been enslaved

Demons’ fury, I feel their rage

They inject surges of pain through my body

Desperately trying to convert me;

Blood no longer flows through within this stone heart

A conjuration so malign,

My mind is falling apart

I am damned to this calamity;

I will now dwell forever in this vacuity

Which is now my doleful haven;

I have been transformed,

Forevermore to be a raven


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