Death Not Love


Love made love

Love killed love

Love is misery

Love is pain;

Death is happiness

Death is supreme

When it comes to love

I run away to save myself

I run into the arms of death

I would rather die

Than cry and sigh;

How can a mere human heart

Possess so much hurt

Why should love be able

To fill a heart with joy

Then leave it’s host empty

With deep sorrow;

Wish for love, not me

I could never wish for unhappiness

Love strikes like a cobra

Bringing pain to the holder

Fleeing the scene to another victim;

Love will never find me

Or overcome my heart

Not temptation or desire

My will is bold like fire;

With death, you only die once

With love, you die a million deaths

Run love, pass me by

Wish for love, not I

Love comes, love runs

Love steals, love kills


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