A State Of Loneliness


The blood drips from the sword

Which was plunged into my heart

The pain is inconceivable

I do not scream;

I am condemned

Confined to a state of loneliness

Tears rain from my misty blind eyes;

My visual love is disappearing,

The darkness surrounds my bleeding heart

My spirit will soon invade the sky

I had to live without you

Must I now die without you;

I have drawn my own blood for you

Must I enter a dark and dreary death alone;

Why do you walk away

Can’t you hear my cry for you

I don’t want to die without you;

I shattered the stones that kept us apart

I’ve fought the demons for you,

I gave you all I had

I am just damned

To lie dying as you walk away

I am condemned forever

To a state of loneliness


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