It’s been rainy days, stormy nights

So dark and dreary is my life

Everyone sees a rainbow of colors

While I only see gray about;

I don’t know where I am going

I don’t know what I am doing

I’m just trapped in the past

With no way out;

When no one sees me or needs me,

When my pain doesn’t mean a thing

It’s just part of my every day life

When I need everyone, someone;

I’m a lost soul, wandering aimlessly

I’m numb from my heart to my soul

I can’t escape from this state of mind

I’m reaching out to anyone;

My mind is a deep, dark mire

I have no desire, no burning fire

I walk about in a state of loneliness,

In a vast ocean of emptiness;

My breathing becomes very sporadic

My heart pulsating slowly, faintly

I fall to my knees, awaiting my

Angels to carry me away from this nothingness


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