Visions of You


Steam rising up from my coffee

Black and hot inside my cup

Ghost-like visions of you in the steam

Dancing the ancient Native American way

Close my eyes, will you disappear?

My eyes still you in the darkness

I open them and take a drink

There you are, in my coffee;

I shake my head vigorously

Now there are three of you

I rub my eyes a minute or two

But, still you remain;

Pinch a nerve and bring tears to my eyes

Trying desperately to drown you

To flood you out of my eyes,

My cup lays empty aside

I pick up a paper and pencil

Start to write about you

I write two lines and can think no more

I scratch my nose with my nails

See your face on my fingertips

I light a cigarette, take a drag

Then realize I don’t smoke

You are really getting to me;

I make more coffee, double strong

Fill my cup and take a drink

Then I sing a Christmas carol

You take my words, twist them around

You take my head, spin it around

You take my neck, put it in a noose

You take my heart, cut it loose

My world is spinning, spinning

Now there are a thousand of you

Haunting, torturing me

Storming in my head

Raindrops are you

I’m losing control;

Tell me how I can break your hold on me

How can I end this state of madness


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