Endless Today


How many years has it been since

She left me

How many years indeed since she has

Fractured me

The days have no color, no life,

No sun

The sands of time how they quickly,

Steadily run

I know in reality she is gone with no

Intent to return;

The laying arm and arm, face to face

I deeply yearn

I still feel her presence in the bed

Where I lay

A sweet, tender kiss followed by “I love you”

We would say;

I can’t stop the days from turning

Into nights

I can’t stop the darkness from invading

The light

I can’t control my weeping, it

Overwhelms me

I can’t control my pain, it controls me


I pray to never stop hurting, give

Me sorrow

That I may feel deep in my soul; never

Know tomorrow

With an internal hurt, there is no


There is no tomorrow, Just an

Endless today


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