One beautiful winter day


One beautiful winter day, my children asked,

Daddy, what would you like for Christmas

I paused, took a deep breath and sighed,

I turned my head toward them and looked into

Their waiting eyes, then I said,

I want our family to have dinner together,

I want to see my children’s faces as they open their presents;

I want your mother to spend the day with us,

I want everyone to enjoy their time with family and friends;

I want to hear laughter in the air, to see smiling faces,

To hear Christmas Carols;

I want the beautiful angel who used to sit by my side

At Christmas dinner to accompany me this Christmas  morning

For coffee and watch our children open their presents,

I want to spend the afternoon together driving to families’ houses,

I want to share the evening dinner together;

I want the love of my life to touch, to hold, to kiss

Instead of the ghost of my Christmas past,

I want our family to be whole again, complete;

I want to spend Christmas with the ones I love;

That is what I would like for Christmas,

That is my Christmas wish


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