Love Unknown


What’s in my heart is in my heart

I will never reveal

I look upon your face, attracted to your face

My heart be still

So distant your touch, desire your touch

Hiding in the shadows

Devote my love, confess my love

No, you will never know

I feel you breathe, I see you breathe

I hold my breath when you are near

Beautiful smile, angel’s smile

Hold my tongue in fear

Lovely is your voice, to hear your voice

Is like heaven singing

Your seductive eyes, alluring and enchanting eyes

They are bewitching

Being timid, shy, Exceedingly shy

Keeps me from speaking

Yearn from a distance, love from a distance

To be fearless I am ever seeking

Woe is me, oh, forever woe is me

To not be with my rose

I’m always near, invisible but near

A kind, wonderful soul you will never know


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