I haven’t had sleep for several days

My eyes are open but I’m in a haze

My mind wanders off to different places

The things I see, the people’s faces

They are never the same each time I look

 They always change like the pages of a book

The sky black, the night never seems to end

The strange temptations that come from within

I am made strictly of flesh and blood

The extreme pain is all I’m thinking of

In my mind I’m falling up I’m falling down

With every breath I can feel my heart pound

The pounding is getting harder and louder

By second, by minute, by hour

Echoing through my body, through my veins

I think I’m on the verge of going insane

I shiver and quiver, start to sweat

What more can I possibly expect

I’m feeling, feeling, feeling like a zombie

My shredded flesh, broken body that of a zombie

My voice rough, my eyes burn

To the earth’s dirt I must return

Farewell my vicious distress

Goodbye; now to forever rest


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