From A New Horizon


She cried and I cried

Then she said in a very weak whisper;

Hold my hand I’m scared

I don’t know if I believe in heaven

Do you think it’s as beautiful and

Wonderful as everyone says;

Pray for me I beg you please

God may hear your prayers

For surely he has forgotten me

I don’t blame him though

I never went to church

I never even prayed;

This bed where I lay will be

Where I draw my last breath

Put your arms around me

Hold me until my end

Hold me tight, never let go

Not even for a moment;

Pray for me and tell me you love me,

I hope God hears your words

I hope that if he does exist,

He can give me forgiveness and

Welcome me with open arms;

I wont say good-bye

God willing I’ll see you again

From a new horizon


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