Deception, Depression


Deception hides the truth

Molded mask covers the bruises

Lies made to make it through

Wanting no questions asked

Lower your head fast

Inside you keep the pain stashed

Cut yourself to feel alive

Not for sympathy or a rise

But, to bring out something inside,

Your silent cries in the night

Yelling, screaming with all your might

Only behind closed doors

Wanting depression no more

Pain and sorrow deep to the core;

No one knows or understands

Not believing what’s at hand

Knock you down where you stand,

You bury your shame

Deep in your heart’s domain

With a burning flame;

Will you ever be healed

Will you ever be able to feel

You just put up an emotional shield

Who can you turn to

What can you do

It’s just you and only you

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide

You just want to feel alive

You pray to God just to survive,

Dreams are only nightmares

You are fully aware

Of your daily scare,

You feel abandoned

To the pits of Hell you’ve been summoned

You want to give up, you’re done

You’re tired of people calling you names

Tired of being judged, you’re not insane

No way out, you’re drained;

You will never give in

Embrace the rare beauty in things

You will never stop living


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