Intertwined Souls


We kissed under the moonlit sky

Soft breeze blowing around us

Our hearts beat rapidly in rhythm

Our breathing was long and slow

We were together, together as one

We danced and held each other tight

Afraid to let go, not wanting to let go

It was magic, magic in the night

Alone, away from the misery of society

A peaceful, beautiful night

We sang, we laughed, we laid on the sand

Talking to each other for hours

Looking up at the moon and stars

Making a wish, the night would never end

A passionate kiss with rhythmic pulses

Running up and down our spines

Wonderful sensations very hypnotic

Ecstasy, bliss, rapture well achieved

Our hearts forever bound together

Nothing matters except the here and now

If but one kiss, one touch, one breath

If we could hold onto the Sands of time

We would grip it tight, hand in hand

Unbreakable, unshakable hold

Paint this portrait in our minds

In our precious, tender hearts

We can’t let go, can’t be torn apart

May the dream never end

May the night never fade

May we be forever locked in this fantasy


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