Two open heart souls


Ghostly, soft silhouette of the moon

Scattered stars shimmer lightly

A peaceful, beautiful night

Two wandering, curious souls

Meet by the slightest of chance

Shadows cast around us hauntingly

Whispering, quiet conversation

A deep look into the inner sphere

Exploration of the heart and mind

Lay down upon the rough ground

Stare up into the grand canvas

Paint great and wonderful scenery;

Take a stroll down to the water’s edge

Sit on the rocks and boulders

Gazing into the greatness of a waterfall

The rushing sound of water

Make the blood rush in the veins

The return of conversation again

Laughter overwhelms, echoing

 Through the morning twilight

Stroll again towards the roads of wonder

An adventure in the night,

An adventure under the moonlight

An adventure of two wounded hearts,

Two tortured souls

Just for one night comforted each other


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