Human Being 


I am just a human being
What is inside can’t be seen
A broken, shattered heart
A frozen soul ice hard
Your eyes can’t pentatrate
My mind, you can’t alleviate
My deep hidden pain
You can’t help or change
Who I am or what I am
You won’t understand;
I make many mistakes
Gone through heartbreak
Misery is an unwanted friend
That visits time and again
Sadness is well known
The darkness is my home;
Into the mirror I gaze
I am caught in a haze
What do I see before me
A broken, fragile human being
I am not perfect, I am alive
If you could feel as I
You would massage my heart
Caress my mind which is dark
You would gently hold
My shattered, aching soul;
Can you show me how to smile
Am I too repulsive and vile
Teach me how to feel
Let your warm embrace heal
I am not normal, far from
You might just turn and run;
I am barely a man, disesteemed
By definition only, a human being


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