2017-03-28 22.00.06The day, the day, the day
What a query
The sun beams about
With a purpose
Bringing heat, light
The dead night
Back to life
Do we ask why, no;
The night, the night, the night
Many questions
The sky turns dark
Stars gleam with beauty
The sun hides
Creatures slumber
The mad and scary
Greatly thrive;
The body, the body, the body
Numerous questions
The eyes, the brain
To see, to think
The feet, the hands
To walk, to touch
The heart, the veins
To feel, to spread pain;
The soul, the soul, the soul
Quite the query
Spirit of life
Where dreams spawn
Where love sparks
Inspiration is born
Connection to the universe
From body to Heaven;
Why does the sun shine
Why is the night sky dark
Why does the body feel
Why does the soul exist
Just because…


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