Would I could I 

2017-04-07 14.31.14

There’s a girl I knew once upon a time
Not quite yesterday, not quite all my life
She seems to appear like a ghost
I can almost remember her
She is but a faded memory
So close, her face is out of reach;
Hair curly and beautiful
With flowers just a top,
A picture is supposed to tell
A thousand tales
A snapshot in time;
I would could I envision her
Her lovely face taunting me
Her sweet voice so clear once
This girl quite fair, how I strive
To remember, remember
Former years, to take a leap into
The past and grab her hand
Bring her with me
As I time travel to the future
To now, to this day
Just to say hello
I remember you fondly
Hello my friend of many Years
Glad you are here
Glad to see your smiling face;
Would I could I
You are but a dream now
A figment of my imagination
A fragment of my distant past
Oh, mind of mine
Dear brain, keeper of thoughts
Open up the iron door of memories
Let me peer inside I beg of you
Grant me this wish to gaze
Upon my friend’s face
Her most captivating eyes
To look upon her ravishing hair
This I ask, I eagerly plead;
How I desperately want to remember
Remember, remember
Would I could I


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