A letter

20170702_141851-2I’m writing you this letter
I can’t say to you all I want
How I feel to your precious face,
My words flow so easy on paper
I don’t get tongue tied
My emotions don’t get twisted
My heart doesn’t stop
I remember to breathe
When I’m not face to face
With you and your beauty;
I want you to know how
You make me feel
This letter to you is my heart
Hold on to it dearly;
I remember when you walked
Into my life so innocent,
So very full of life and beauty
My eyes focused on your
Every move, my ears held
Every word you breathed,
I watched your lips as you
Softly spoke, I watched as
You twirled your hair;
Did you see me, did you even
Notice my eyes were upon you
Did you just look past me;
I’m reaching out to you
In this moist letter
Will you return this letter unopened
Will you send me a letter,
Maybe you are also shy
Maybe, hopefully you feel the same
Maybe you take my hand and say
That you’ve been waiting for me
To talk to you to confess
My heart’s deepest, and intimate
Desire, or to just say to you
“Take my hand come with me
Fullfill my destiny, be my true
One and only lover, kiss me,
Hold me in your arms as we
Look into the horizon;
Please read this letter
Tell me we can be together


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