Slumber Until My Death 

Soul dark worn out
Pain so great
Nothing left inside
I tried to find happiness
Happiness ran out on me
I’ve got to pull myself
Out of myself
Hidden deep inside myself
I’ve got to eat my suffering
I’ve got to drink my tears away
She is my hole in my heart
Absence of warm flesh
No body for me to hold
No face for me to look Upon
Just the shadows
In this lonely, old home
Just the mental images
Inside my deranged, fragile mind
I’m a slave of decay
Haunted by faded yesterday
The blood in my veins
Feels like hardened crystals;
Lay in the dirt let the
Death worm crawl into my ear
Burrow deep in my brain
Devour my pain
Choke down my shattered,
Fragmented memories
Chew and swallow my eyes
So that I can no longer see
The beauty of happiness
Which is a visual of misery
My own personal Hell
Can I fall into a coma
Slumber until my death


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