My Vampire

2018-01-21 22.00.26-1.png

 You are my vampire girl

You are my queen of the night

You are the darkness that hides the sun

You  keep me from the light

You wrap me in your shadow;

I can taste your cold breath

Along with your fangs and tongue

Kiss me hard, bite my skin

Don’t worry I don’t fear death

Just one bite on my neck

Just one drop of blood;

You can turn me if you wish

You can feed on me as long as you need;

We can fly in the night

Touch your pale skin to mine

Do you hunger for me as I do for you?

Do you thirst for my warm blood?

My eyes have never seen

Such a dark-haired beauty as you before

I want to share my love, my blood;

Come drink, suck away my pain;

Can we sleep in your cave?

Deep, deep in your dark tomb

Hand and hand we can lay together

I am your willing victim;

Beauteous, pulchritudinous

When your dark eyes stare at me

I am bewitched, captivated

Take me away from desolation, dreariness

Bring me out of bleakness, stagnation,

A hollow Hell, depression

Without hesitation I give myself to you

Cover me in your darkness

Your skin on mine, your face on mine

Protected from obscurity and enmity;

You are my temptress, my moon

Together forever, in one breath

One blood and body for all time





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