Mortal Decay

20180121_212734-1.jpgDeath comes to us all

In the silence of the night

During a wicked rain fall

And, takes away our sight

Our souls released of pain

As we enter complete darkness

The memories are all that remain;

Inside the corpse, merely emptiness

Six feet under, our bodies lie

In the cold, wet, soil of Earth

Waiting for Mother Nature to cry

Her tears of sorrow brings rebirth

Deep emotions breed with living mortals

The universe integrates with the soul

As if to send it through another portal

Making it completely and eternally whole;

Death defies life and overcomes the weak

The perishing souls now linger in the Dead Sea

Slowly awaiting the even more fierce deep

In the black-hole of the decaying misery

Rotting and decaying eternally over again

The circle of life and death in God’s hands

Souls screaming in agony and fear of sin

Waiting to wither away like the desert sand






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