2018-01-21 21.10.46.pngGoddess of the moon, come to me soon

With your flashy eyes that mesmerize

With your silky hair that flows everywhere

With your lips that shine all the time

Come join me on this warm and starry night

Ride the serpent of desire with me

Ease your mind, make this an endless night

Ride through the tunnel of infinite ecstasy

Take my hand, bond with me

Merge with my soul and free me

Take hold, never let go

Smoke the leaves of mystic enchantment;

Kiss the Pegasus on the lips 

For another immaculate trip

Through time and space

With no destination or pace;

Wild winds carry us away

Don’t stop for tomorrow’s day

Carry us through the magical night

Don’t set us down at twilight;

Goddess of the moon come to me

Come to me, come to me


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