A woman who gives birth

A woman who adopts

A woman who raises a child 

Someone who gives advice

Someone who teaches wrong from right

Teaches how to walk and talk

One who nourishes and protects

One who comforts in a rainstorm 

One who shows compassion 

For a broken heart, a broken dream

Someone who gives you hope 

Says inspiring things, makes you believe 

Anything is possible 

A mother loves you unconditionally 

You may not always agree,

She makes sure that you have everything 

You need even if that means

She has to do without 

She’ll work two jobs so you

Can play sports or have a great birthday 

She gives selflessly her love and support 

It doesn’t stop when you are grown 

Sometimes a mother has to be the father

A mother takes on a lot of responsibility 

My mother has been there for my

Sybllings and for me

She’s a great and wonderful mother,

Sister, wife and grandmother 

That’s why I love my mother 





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