Human BeingĀ 


I am just a human being
What is inside can’t be seen
A broken, shattered heart
A frozen soul ice hard
Your eyes can’t pentatrate
My mind, you can’t alleviate
My deep hidden pain
You can’t help or change
Who I am or what I am
You won’t understand;
I make many mistakes
Gone through heartbreak
Misery is an unwanted friend
That visits time and again
Sadness is well known
The darkness is my home;
Into the mirror I gaze
I am caught in a haze
What do I see before me
A broken, fragile human being
I am not perfect, I am alive
If you could feel as I
You would massage my heart
Caress my mind which is dark
You would gently hold
My shattered, aching soul;
Can you show me how to smile
Am I too repulsive and vile
Teach me how to feel
Let your warm embrace heal
I am not normal, far from
You might just turn and run;
I am barely a man, disesteemed
By definition only, a human being

I’m Broken


My heart is stained, stained greatly with pain

My blood flows like shards of glass in my veins

Deep, deep, deep inside the flame glows brightly

Intense heat, intense flame, intense burning

Insane, insanity to the extreme, fierce insanity

I can’t breathe, just deep searing pain in my chest

I can’t speak, my brain is throbbing in my skull

Bones, my bones weak and feel cracked and broken

I can’t see, too blind from the blood and ashes in my eyes

Bruises, aches, aches and bruises up and down my body

Invisible aches and bruises inside my tortured body

Cuts and scratches on my flesh run deep to my core

You can’t see me, you don’t know me

I’m just a shell

Forced to live in this cruel,


Heartless Hell